Don’t Make Me A Woman Again!

Who has got our back?



The woes of being a woman

Somehow on the day she was born
She dint have a penis!
But she had trouble.
Trouble that she would live and die with.
As a young girl she was to sit properly
Not over ride bicycles
Not climb trees
Not walk at night
Not shout back, when abused
Do all the house work, as the rest sleep

As a teenager, don’t talk to men
Don’t go to dance
Don’t involve yourself with men
Don’t to math, it’s for men
Don’t even think of  Medicine, will you handle the course?
She felt like a butterfly, but was still a caterpillar
Tied and wound all together.

And then amidst pain and torture
She gets a job
Ahhhhhhaaaa, now where is the man?
All yo age mates are mothers
If I were to marry myself I would be a mother of twins by now!
But I can’t marry my self
Neither can I propose and pay bride price
I am not in India

Okay, finally am married, hooray
Here is the ring if u want proof
Okay where is the baby?
I am waiting a little
Waiting for bells? They all snare!
The in laws say yo wasting their sons food
May be yo infertile?
They never say, may be our son is impotent!

Okay, finally the kid is here
But I couldn’t push, it died on the way
Oh what a curse!
Little wonder we saw her on the wedding day
Even the dress was supposed to be black
She is a witch and a bitch
Combination 4 to 6

She is to work, if she doesn’t, she is eating the man’s money
These Kampala women, they are dot com
They detooth
She leaves the baby home and it’s sickly
But these women like money!
Cant she leave the job!
She puts on a few pounds
Look at Straka, they all jeer
But do you think I carried air for 9 months?


Even as an old woman, people still jeer
Her sons are useless
Her grand kids are rascals
Oh the woes of woman hood
How will I ever know what it feels?
To be the one on top, to enter, and not be entered
Clearly I must reincarnate as a bull
Better I be a cow or he goat, than a woman again!!!



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