When Love Was Still A Verb


As they lay together at the shores of the sea, all that surrounded them at that time was themselves. Obviously the birds in the nearby tree were singing sweet lullabies, as if nodding in their oblivion to what was taking place between their souls, it was a beautiful synchronized melody. The water that was being swept a few meters by a huge wave, was just but in the background of their minds.

For this is only what they knew at the moment, that all that existed in the world, and nothing else, if by any chance they existed, they dint matter in the least, not in that moment at least. The way the man looked into her eyes had its own story to tell. The eyes, so full of passion, shining so bright like the diamonds in a jewelers store all put together, was enough to light her soul for a few more years to come, and she looked at him with the same intensity, at an acute angle no divider, or protractor can draw.

The slight touch on her neck sent to her enough electricity to light up the streets of Kampala, if gently put in a candid vessel, for the intensity it carried was so huge in magnitude. As he lay his lips by hers, the journey to heaven had begun, a journey that probably had no potholes, no humps, clearly tarmacked, and it was a one way lane, smooth till the dead, a point on no return, a place where not so many reach and together they were determined to go all the way.

Well, that was just the first stride, a whole days journey lay ahead, armed with enough to take them trough, they looked forward in anticipation to the next moments.

As his hand caressed her breast, it seemed as if all magnets in the neighborhood were put together, and suddenly the body that lay besides her had turned metallic, for she felt she could never let go, not at least after they reach the awaited destination. This he did with clear mastery, far away in her thoughts she imagined where he had got all this perfection, for quite a number of men she had met, but none had taken her to these heights.

A slight human feeling came into play at this moment, a rare but almost always ready to pop feeling, a feeling of jealousy. A deep envy of all the women that ever happened to meet this man before her, and those that may ever get to meet this splendid gentleman that held her in his velvet, masculine arms. If there was a company that supplies boundary tapes, electrified barbed wire, and may be a few bombs, that only get to explode when another woman touches this gentleman, she immediately realized she cloud easily turn into an ASSAD of sorts, an Alquaeda in the making, A jihad of a noble and universal religion human beings have come to fondly term as LOVE. Oh that four letter word that can make a human being go insane, make a man forget the vows he made to another woman, that four lettered word that makes the world go round.

All these thoughts passed through her simple already intoxicated mind , vividly of course as what was going on in other parts of her body was sheer magic, that that even Merlin couldn’t unbind, and in fact it’s the remembrance that she was Catholic, and Jesus died for us, that brought her back to the road to heaven she was not supposed to even leave; the “GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS “ song they both were singing.

Only that now, the rhythm was “second by second, new emotions I feel!!


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