Love In Kilograms


Capture his face if you are unlucky in love like me.

Make sure when the power bank is charging your phone…your eyes are wide open.
Make sure as the contours on his face move up and down in pleasure…your eyes are wide open. you will need this memory to hold unto when he breaks your heart like the rest before him did.

Make sure he goes with his body but you stay with the memory of his weakened face tattooed at the front of your mind. It will remind you that you took him to strange places at one time.

And like a kettle about to reach its boiling point …screeching as and wheezing and evaporating with pain and pleasure as the same time…make sure you make a recording of it in the ears of your mind . Guard it jealously and keep the audio safely so no dust touches that part of your mind.

You love him but you know he will leave you like the rest have. As the power bank charges your phone…just cup the screenshot in your hands. Hold it like a blind man trying to match chin to voice.

Look at the kettle as it surrenders to the heat of the vapor.


On a cold day after he has left you…you will hold on to the memories you kept of him.

You will see his last seen on whatsapp when he just read your message and ignored it…

You will read his facebook updates and know he doesn’t have you on his mind…

But you won’t block him because it makes no point.

Unless you detach your mind from your memory…or memory from your mind


You will know you lost the man of your dreams.



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