Stella Nyanzi On a Roller -Coaster, Her Fans Will Cheer Her To Her Grave


Stella Nyanzi

Facebook and all other social media came with its own intentions but when it meets people like Stella Nyanzi and her fans, a lot is at bay.

Honestly in the history of employees and employers, there have always been things like what is happening between Stella Nyanzi and Professor Mahmood. There has always been a case of insubordination, misunderstandings and even as she claims, dictatorship. But there are very many avenues that employment issues are sorted apart from showing the suit in which one was born. Besides, when you are working for an organization, you are bound by a confidentiality clause and I don’t see anything like that in this movie where the Hollywood has shifted to Makerere University.

I must admit even before Stella publicly talked about Mahmood over two years back in the Observer I had met her and I knew what she was going through. My business of books is what made me cross paths with Stella before she became popular. After all a good writer also reads so she was my client at the time. All I told her is make sure you don’t lose your job after all this is said and done. Being an activist is very good but believe me from experience, even the very people you are fighting for will disown you when tragedy strikes. But that was before we fell out on Facebook and Chuma Nwokolo, a Nigerian  whose books I sell in East Africa became a crappy writer.

When you have a Facebook following, they drive you away from reality. This is a relationship cemented by internet bundles and a device. You don’t know what intentions people have and they don’t know you. Stella’s main problem is the huge sense of importance from the thousands of likes and comments and false love and the internet will be her downfall. Little wonder she has now literally taken her office to Facebook and has dragged a man fit to be her father down with her in a shameful undeserving way.

Facebook was the first place she posted her very good looking nude photos. This means she actually calls it home and she thinks it will solve all her problems. In a world where internet is the one big world we live, it’s very important to ensure that you don’t feed it with bad commentary about you. Yes she may have got her keys back , yes she may have ashamed the old man but everything she posted, everything we are writing about her, every video out there will never go away. Next time she applies for a scholarship, a better job, a funding of sorts, when googled first, all that will be seen are the negative waters she has drowned herself into.

This should come as a lesson to all creative writers. I have not focused on anything else but writing and reading and the internet because I am an addict of all the three. Mahmood may lose his job, and she gets a promotion, she may lose her job and Mahmood gets his contract renewed, both may lose their jobs or both may stay. I guess only time will tell. But nothing will rub away the fact that her name will always be googled and this entire hullabaloo will always pop up. Prospective partners and employers might not be pleased or may be pleased at her wonderful nude pictures, that is if they maybe are companies of skin tightening lotions, but oh well, we never know.

Let us not let our social media followership get to the better of us. We were here before social media and we will always be here after it. But let us be careful what google knows about us. The world doesn’t begin or end with our current issues.


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