MPs Are Very Clever, Taxing Them Is Double Counting


stripping womna 2

Woman Stripping In Elections

You foolish Galatians!!! (Honestly I was itching to begin with that statement)

The honorable members of parliament are saying they don’t want to be taxed and all you do is complain yet you never complained while voting them. You even never complained while they got loans and gave you the money to eat. Don’t you know they are the chosen few? Don’t you know they are chosen by God. Don’t you know they are the modern day Israelites? And they need to be treated as thus. The bible is very clear about it.

Now here is the drift.  We MP’s are paid out of tax payers money. That means it’s already a tax. A tax cannot be taxed. That is called double counting if you didn’t know. When a tax is again subjected to another tax, then that ceases to be meaningful. After all the women in Owino  market are taxed, the teachers with their poor salaries are also taxed, even the fishermen are taxed. Are you trying to insinuate that we MPs are also in the same category? Be fair and appreciate that MPS are not in the same class as those lower class citizens. The Baganda conclude that ekyebeyi  kya beyi.

All of you black mailing us that you gave us your votes and so we need to dance to your tunes should just shut it. After all we are here for 5 years. The tax we will have saved and put in our pockets will last for a while. Don’t you know the basics of saving and investment? These are the same savings we will dish out to you locals to buy you salt and some sugar to feed your families for a week. If you are very lucky we will buy you a bottle of Eagle lager each. What are you saying!

Yes the cancer machine broke down and maybe the taxes would be used to add to the money to procure a new one. But you very well know we don’t use those hospitals like Mulago, you know we are stylish enough to know that we can only die in Nairobi or South Africa. How can we die like you locals? Our bodies need to be flown on planes and taken to parliament for viewing in all forms of respect. Can a body taken from Mulago mortuary be respected? Boda boda men are taken there and also MPS? Please be serious. Like our colleague Chris said, the cancer patients in any case are always going to die. We will have helped you if there is no machine, by making your weeping process shorter.

Moving forward, here is the thing Ugandans. We aren’t going to pay taxes and like everything happening in Uganda you will do nothing. All you will do, yee that think you are very educated and informed is tweet about it and hashtag about it. You don’t even know that you are just a small percentage that even doesn’t vote. Our votes are in the villages and we are aware. And all those people need is salt and sugar once in five years. You will talk and talk and then keep quiet like you have always done. You kept quiet when elections were free and fair of course, you have kept quiet and seen the opposition be imprisoned for going to their very own village and town homes, you are quiet about the roads that have little swimming pools with water that has no chlorine and even this little noise you make will end and we will still be MPS and not be taxed.

Above all, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!!



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