Stranded In Utopia




These words below, are what I wrote after Ihad been informed that the person who I was to stay with , as I visited in Nairobi couldn’t host me.
Already at the border, with very little money in my pockets, I was going to a strange place with nowhere to stay.
Couldn’t help but cry all night and the following day, and finally got where to put my head at 10 pm after leaving Uganda at 10 pm the day before.

I got a little glimpse at how refugees feel. But as usual, I always have a smile, pure and genuine like for my little nephew above.

If my tear glands cant tear
And my fears fear to turn real
My reality ceases to belong to me
Then know I am in no man’s land

What is going on in my brain
Is what a woman carrying her past world,
And the world she expects to have on her head,
only can explain

If I don’t wake up in the morrow
Please tell the living
That I once kept trust at the entrance of a market place
As for love..
I kept it in a jar that acted as a granary amidst famine

And if you awake before I do
Let sleeping hearts like mine die


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